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Ohio State has a multitude of engineering student organizations and project teams.  Some of them, like the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) or Engineers for Community Service (ECOS)  are focused on outreach and community service.  Others like the Open Source Club and OSU Baja Team are more focused on applied technology and hands-on experience. 

All of these groups need funding to support their activities.  Without funds, ECOS could not have travelled to Guatemala to help design, build, and deploy bicycle generators for the Asociación Maya Pedal.  Nor could they afford to travel to Montaña de Luz in Honduras to provide technology, training, and engineering solutions to an orphanage.   Without funds, the OSU Baja Team could not afford to design and fabricate off-road racing vehicles every year.

The annual SWE Career Fair is the primary source of funding for SWE's many activities. Other engineering student organizations also earn funds for their activities by working to make the career fair a success.