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For engineering students, the SWE Career Fair is a great opportunity to meet with hundreds of employer representatives from across the country. Although SWE sponsors this event, both male and female students are encouraged to attend.

Some of the employers at the career fair will be scheduling on-campus interviews in person at the event; others will be returning later in the semester. Make sure your ECIP / ECS job search account is active so you can submit your resume for these interviews!

Plan to Attend

If you are looking for a co-op, internship, or full-time position, plan to attend this career fair.  You won't have an opportunity to meet and talk with this many employer representatives in one day until the Engineering Expo in September!

Activate your ECS account before the fair

You are encouraged to attend whether or not you are currently registered with Engineering Career Services. However, if you are looking for a job and are not registered with Engineering Career Services (ECS) or the Engineering Co-op and Internship Program (ECIP) before the career fair, you will miss opportunities both during and after the fair. Employers like to use the ECS automated system to manage on-campus interviews and search for active job seekers.

Additionally, when you have a job search account with ECS / ECIP, you can get help with your resume, interview skills, and job searching, and will have online access to both job postings and on-campus interviews through your job search account.