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Interviewing Resources

Standard and Behavioral Interviews

Most companies use a combination of standard and behavioral based questions. Standard questions are focused on you and your qualities and may seem so simple that you do not need to prepare. However, these responses should be polished and sharp. Behavioral based questions help employers learn about what you have done in the past to better predict what you will do in the future given a similar situation.

Technical Interviews

Technical questions are also common in engineering because they allow employers to evaluate your level of knowledge and skill through a demonstration of your analytical abilities, problem solving strategies, creative thinking and communications skills. Some technical questions are general, meaning you may be asked to solve logic problems or brain teasers. Other may be more role-specific and will related to the work that you will perform as a potential employee.

Case Interviews

If you are seeking business or consulting-related roles you can likely expect a case interview. Case interviews present a business case to the interviewee, who has to propose a solution. There are several methods for solving such cases and oftentimes companies have case interview preparation materials available on their websites.

Tools and Appointments

Students can access interview preparation resources on Handshake within the Resource Library. ECS offers general interview coaching and mock interviews. If you would like tailored interview advice and practice, schedule an appointment with an ECS Advisor.