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Prepare for the Fair

When will the 2020 SWE Career Fair be held?

The career fair will be held on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 from 1:00pm to 6:00pm.***  Plan your schedules accordingly!


The first hour of the career fair is ONLY OPEN to BS students within one calendar year of graduation, OR students actively pursuing a MS or PhD degree, OR alum who graduated within the last 12 months.


Open to ALL students with a valid BuckID

Where will the 2020 SWE Career Fair be held?

The career fair will be held at the Ohio Union.  Employers will be on TWO FLOORS of the Ohio Union.  Visit employers in these locations:

Great Hall Meeting Room and Performance Hall on the 1st floor

Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom on the 2nd floor

How to prepare for the SWE Career Fair:

Before the Career Fair:

  • Clarify your goals. What do you hope to get out of the career fair? Possible goals might be:
    • to learn about employers who hire your major—whether or not you’re actually looking for a job right now.
    • to pick up information and business cards of potential employers so you can contact them later 
    • to give your resume to recruiters
    • to ask if they will be interviewing the next day, and if so, to schedule an interview
  • Be sure to do your research --in advance-- and think about why you are interested in the employer and how you might connect your background with their needs. Research employers via the Career Fair Plus app and by using your Handshake account. 
  • Prepare a 30 second introduction for yourself that introduces yourself, expresses why you are interested in that organization or industry, and briefly relates your background to what you know of the employer's needs. Practice your introduction. Think about two or three questions you might ask.
  • If you have a resume, bring copies. If not, don’t skip the event! Ask for business cards from the employers which interest you and send a letter and your resume later.
  • Dress and act professionally. You don’t always need to wear a suit—business casual is usually fine—but for business occasions, it’s best to dress more conservatively than you might normally dress. The top eighteen inches of your body are the most noticeable, not only for neatness and style, but also for anything distracting, like jewelry, heavy makeup, unusual hairstyles, or multiple piercings.  

During the Career Fair:

  • Take 5 minutes after you check in to review the list of attending employers via the Career Fair Plus app. 
  • Show interest and enthusiasm by smiling and speaking clearly. Walk confidently, with good posture. Make direct eye contact and shake hands firmly. Have a positive greeting: "Hello, I'm Andy Lee. I'm a mechanical engineering major and will graduate ------. I'm interested in talking with you about.....(co-op, intern, or full-time job opportunities)." Prepare a short statement (a sentence or two) about something that interests you about their industry and/or specific company.
  • Answer questions clearly and concisely.
  • Ask about opportunities and hiring needs. (Don't ask about pay!) Ask if they are accepting resumes. Ask for a business card, and thank them for their time. Pick up company information, too, not just the giveaways.
  • When you leave, note your impressions right away since you will talk with several company representatives and it is easy to forget or mix up the information you received.

After the Career Fair:

  • Since you have business cards and company information, you can write individualized letters (include a resume with each) to those employers which interest you.
  • Many employers will interview on campus through Engineering Career Services later in the semester. Be sure you’re registered with ECS so you can be one of those interviewed!